Thursday, August 12, 2010

Exploring Elluminate

Just had some fun setting up and browsing around Elluminate. Tried to get on to the last broadcast but was at work and the fire wall wouldn;t let me in. I work for a very large (and I mean LARGE) area health service (@800 klms by 400 klms) and we say we work in a virtual world. I have to travel 8 hours to our farthest facility. We have some antiquated software called Pathlore which has a very uninteresting collaborative site, that only allows you to enter through the area network. Great when you want to do some catchup in our time off when we have the time and the space to think creatively. Yes it is 11.14pm, I have just worked all day form 7am to 5.30pm, then went off to my Cert IV counselling course, arrived home at 10pm and spend some downtime exploring the virtual world. I think better when I am winding down. Interesting to think what could happen to our workplaces and workspaces should we be allowed to share our creativity, inspirations and knowledge. What a great places it would be if we had freedom and choice. Worth thinking about ?????
Thought: Imagine what would happen if I could now Twitter my Twitter work colleagues with an update of my Blogg from my IPhone??? Endless possibilities.
Look forward to meeting on Elluminate on Saturday morning.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The beginning of the journey

Today was the start to the Facilitation Online journey for me. I was looking forward to linking with Elluminate and getting to know the process involved in this new program. I was successful in downloading the program, all set to dial in and m firewall through the health service wouldn't let me connect. Thank you Sarah for your support in this process. Have managed to contact the IT people and hopefully they will solve the problem before our next get together.
Finding out about the Facilitation online program came about on an exciting couple of days I spent with undertaking some face to face facilitation with a colleague on the Gold Coast. Over the last couple of days I have been preparing for my planned catch up to enable me to hopefully be where the rest of the group is up too.
My preparation so far has been connecting with Sarah - thank you Sarah. Creating my Blog and connecting to Elluminate (remembering the World Clock - 2pm in NZ = 12md in Oz).
Activity One: Thanks Clive, a very interesting video, I learnt a new word "Webinar"
Activity Two: Awaiting approval to join group email and say hello to everyone?
Activity Three: COMING SOON

Saturday, August 7, 2010

First Post

Hello everyone, my interest in facilitation has been developing for many years and in the roles that I have had as a Nurse Consultant and Nurse Manager, I have experienced the a large variety of facilitation techniques utilised in a many and varied contexts. I see my participation in this program as an excellent opportunity to experiment with a variety of techniques and to develop myself as a facilitator.